Saturday, 16 April 2011

The 1st of 4 Classico's

T'Estimo Barca !!!!....

I just hope the team keeps making history and the extra sweetness in it all is that it could be on Real Madrid's account ...




The dealer is simply the worst, They keep surprising me with their shitty work and stupidity !!..

Last thing they did is mess up my car's paint and blame me for it !!.. RETARDS !! how the hell did i manage to do that when I received the car the two days before you idiots !!

after 3 weeks of the cars being stuck there, there it goes again sitting there for the people in-charge to figure out which of the idiots working on the car scratched and brush painted the car.

I'm seriously PISSED OFF !!!



Monday, 11 April 2011

Car trouble !

Yeah, the monster in the picture is facing some problems which I consider major because of the STUPID dealership we have here.

It only makes sense to make that assumption based upon the "small" history (1 year) I have had with them for that specific car.

A persistent problem that introduced it's self within the first few days of receiving the problem is still making them wonder what it is and kept them in a daze.

The problem it self doesn't re-occur every time which might be a problem for a normal person to actually know what it is, but a DAMN MECHANIC SHOULD !.

Now the car has passed its second week in the dealer's garage, dismantled gear puts it out of action.

They say that the parts for the fixing process arrive today. I only hope they actually fix the thing !!..

OF COURSE i did not just sit and watch them play with my car and be happy about it, I sent a complaint to GM and told then the story and that the gear was dismantled twice with the car barley reaching a year since i got to drive it with 20k km on the meter !!.. This worries me ALOT !!..

They assured me that they will keep track of the problem and if it doesn't get fixed this time, they would send an expert team to check it out and deal with it.




Tuesday, 29 March 2011

In need of a vacation !

Yes, I really need to be on one of those flights leaving Kuwait !

The plan is to travel the weekend after next and head to London, where i spend maybe a night and then fly off to Barcelona to attend a foot ball match, stay for a couple of nights then go back to the UK. I plan on visiting Nottingham, retrieve some of the good memories I left there and then head back to London for some shopping maybe.

The whole trip will be around 10 days. I hope it happens as planned this time, because i've delayed it so many times it's annoying :/



Monday, 28 March 2011

Blogging again

Well i guess i should use this place to express again.

The few readers i had before probably vanished but hopefully some more will come along ;p !



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Sunday, 27 March 2011

The middle child

Those who are in that particular place probably hate their lives more than any other member of the family ( everyone gets to the point of hating their life, dont kid your self and say "I never did" ).

The constant pressure and the un-justified expectations that arise from being in that position, not to mention the amount of neglect that can be found is just staggering. Even though this does not touch every middle child, but it does capture a significant amount.

I am not sure why this phenomenon happens ( Which is a proper name for it because of its significance ).

My only wish is to find a way around all the stress and the head-ache not to mention the amount of depression this thing pulls you into when its on its active devestating phase.



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Tuesday, 30 November 2010